Campbell Planning & Architecture, P.L.C. 
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Campbell Planning & Architecture (CPA) is dedicated to helping its clients find and achieve their visions.  A planning vision needs to reflect the goals of the community while an architecture or urban design vision needs to reflect the goals of the owner or developer. 

The motive of developers is widely understood as that of profit, but the motives of a community can be more difficult to determine.  While CPA advances an agenda promoting the preservation and  enhancement of both rural and urban character, we first assess the wants and needs of each particular community at large.  Not every community desires to become, for example, a small collection of tightly  knit and walkable villages and towns set within a pristine landscape of forests and farms, connected to one another with un-congested roads and state-of-the-art transit systems.  But CPA commits to educate regarding the environmental and social urgency behind planning for such attributes, the particular characteristics that they can include, and the intended advantages of any and every community realizing such a vision, one by one, at the local level, as well as in concert with any county and regional plans that might be in place at the time. 
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